about mark

Mark is a happy man. He likes to sing and works during the week on a farm in the east of the Netherlands. Mark has not been in education since he was 12. He has classic autism and an estimated IQ of 33. Mark certainly has his limitations. Social interactions are often complicated. He can’t read and write, and has trouble concentrating. Fortunately, Mark also has talents. By emphasizing his possibilities, Mark made incredible progress and now feels recognized and appreciated in his daily life.


Mark lived for four years in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where his parents worked as development workers. There are many elements in Congo that were good for Mark: space, structure and people with unconditional attention. However, adapted facilities are virtually absent. Most people with an autistic spectrum disorder or mental disability in Sub Sahara (Africa) are completely at the mercy of their fate. Their environment is constantly confronting them with their limitations and usually does not have the resources or knowledge to apply a more positive approach towards the person living with a disability.